Text Box: Repeat Prescription Requests
Patients on long-term medication can order repeat prescriptions by using the slip attached to their previous prescription. Please tick the items required and return it to the surgery.

If you are on regular treatment we can issue a repeat prescription. if you 
telephone 0141 - 211 6999 choose Option 2, leave your details; the 
prescription can be collected after 48 hours.

Alternatively you can order online by following the Patient Access link. 
A registration form must be obtained from the Practice before access is 
available. Please give 48 hours advanced notice. 

We aim to have your prescription ready after 48 hours for collection but on 
occasion this may be extended to 72 hours – e.g. at public holidays. 

If you are collecting your prescription from a pharmacy, you must make this 
arrangement directly with the pharmacy. You may need to give them time after collecting your prescription to prepare it for collection.
Please note it is the patient responsibility to ensure that the chemist of your choice is made aware that you have ordered a prescription and when it will be ready for collection from the Practice.

The following Pharmacies collect prescriptions from our Practice:
Care Pharmacy (Dumbarton Road)
Well Pharmacy (Alderman Road)
Knightwood Pharmacy (Knightswood Road)
Willis Pharmacy (Dyke Road)
Willis Pharmacy (Knightswood Shopping Centre)
Boots (Whitecrook)
Willis Pharmacy (Dumbarton Road)
Sinclair Pharmacy (Dumbarton Road)
Sinclair Pharmacy (Dunkenny Square)

Please allow 48 hours, excluding weekends and Bank Holidays, for your 
request to be processed. Any problems please telephone the surgery.

What should I do If I require repeat medication, out of hours
You should ensure you have adequate medication according to the advice of the doctor you normally see. The Out of Hours Service are not able to 
prescribe routine repeat medication.

Hospital Discharge
When you are discharged from hospital you should normally receive five days supply of medication.
On receipt of your medication requirements, which will be issued to you by the hospital, please bring this to the surgery or post via S.A.E. before your supply of medication has run out.
Hospital requests for change of medication will be checked by the GP first, and if necessary your Doctor will issue you with a Prescription. The Practice will 
endeavour to issue you with your prescription within 48 hours, but it cannot be 
issued until your medical details are checked by the Doctor.

Excess quantities of regular repeat prescriptions for 
holidays for more than three weeks.
A Scottish home and Health Department circular from 1971 clarifies the 
position on prescribing for patients going abroad for extended periods. It states:-
“If a patient intends to go away for a longer period (than two to three week’s holiday) he/she may not be regarded as a resident of this country and would not be entitled to the benefits of the National Health Service. It may not be in the patient’s best interest for him/her to continue to self-medication over such longer periods. If a patient is going abroad for a long period, he/she should be prescribed sufficient drugs to meet his/her requirements only until such time as he can place himself/herself in the care of a doctor at his/her 

Where ongoing medical attention is not necessary, the patient may be given a private prescription.